Jeff’s Top 10 Street Fighter Characters

With Street Fighter V being a big point of contention, disappointment and enjoyment, it got me thinking about the storied history of Capcom’s flagship fighting game and the myriad of characters that have thrown down over the years. What better way to start conversations (see: angry comments) than me listing off my top 10 Street Fighter combatants.

Honorable Mention goes to Dan Hibiki for basically being the Street Fighter equivalent of Deadpool, so that’s always good.

10. Dudley

dudley-ssf4selectThe sport of street fighting is such a brutal thing. Barbarians throwing punches, kicks and fireballs looking to maul their opponents and leave them a bloody mess. Which is why it’s so great to see such a gentleman ready to duel with honor. With a mustache that makes women swoon and men jealous, boxing skills even superior to Balrog’s and a heart of gold, Dudley proves that chivalry is indeed not dead.


9. Sakura

sakura_kasugano_cfeWhat’s not to love about her? Her whole gimmick is that she’s a Ryu fan girl. We have all had someone in our lives who we wish we could emulate, but as we got older we fell out of that, but not Sakura. She was determined to follow down this path and her commitment paid off. She appeals to all demographics and she is just a feel-good light-hearted character.


8. Guile

guile-c2The most iconic hairdo in video games. Period. The best stage music in any fighting game ever. Period. In Street Fighter IV when taunting while holding down, he puts on his glasses. He doesn’t wear America on his sleeve, he wears America where his sleeve SHOULD BE! So why isn’t he higher? He really only has two moves and in Street Fighter V, the “Flash Kick” is now called the “Somersault Kick”…which means SFV is non-canon because that’s inexcusable.


7. Fei Long

fei_long-sfHe’s Bruce Lee in a fighting game. Do I need to say more? How about his kicks that set people ON FIRE?! That’s really all you need to know.




6. Zangief

zangiefcleanI have The Red Cyclone on here for a few reasons: (1) I really like pro wrestling (2) I REALLY like Wreck-it Ralph and (3) He became a freaking robot at one point. Mother Russia’s powerhouse delivers the most devastating moves in the series but you can’t help but want to give him a big hug…but let go before he does a spinning pile driver on you.



5. C. Viper

cviper-mvc3The most badass chick of the lot, more than Chun-Li and more than Cammy. Why? The Crimson One will kick your ass and look good in a suit and tie. Her secret agent training allows her to perform moves other fighters only dream of, with kicks that come at you out of nowhere and can end a match QUICK! She can throw down and save the world at the same time.



4. Akuma

streetfighter_akumaPure. Rage. All Akuma has to do is show up, maybe grunt a few times, the lights go out, and you are done. He is the most terrifying character in the universe and he knows it.




3. M. Bison

m-_bisonHe has a move called “Psycho Crusher”. He’s one of the most agile characters in the game next to Vega. He is the MOST intimidating force in the series. He is the leader of Shadaloo. He has a kick ass cape. Argument OVER.




2. Charlie Nash

nashcleanIt’s Nash’s time. He’s always been in the shadows of his friend, Guile, yet he has a more expansive move set. His hair was always deemed “good but not Guile”. He DIED. He is now back and looks like he’s part-cyborg. Nash is awesome, but he’s not…



1. Skullomania

skullomania_sfex2He may only appear in the EX series, but his presence has been felt ever since. The man just wears a suit that looks like a skeleton. It may seem simple but it’s super effective. Throughout the series, he adds a scarf, a belt and even a gun holster which makes him resemble a Kamen Rider, of which he is based off. He is also based off pro wrestling legend La Parka. I would argue the best super move in Street Fighter is the Skullo Dream, which is also the best name for a special move. I have zero reservations saying Skullomania is the best Street Fighter character and NEEDS to somehow find his way back into a game.

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