My EVO 2017 Was Made With This Trailer

We had talked previously about the new fighting game from Arika, the company that collaborated with Capcom to make the Street Fighter EX series of games. This series was not only a great series, but produced my favorite character to grace a Street Fighter title: Skullomania.

Upon hearing of a new title from Arika I had high hopes that my favorite would be making a return, but after not seeing him at their booth during EVO, my hopes rested on a Grand Finals day reveal…then this happened:

I lost my damn mind! There is proof too, as Dave from was taking video right in front of me, I hope to get hands on that video as you can probably hear my screaming.

Arika even brought back his flashy finisher: SkulloDream. My EVO was already going very well but this pushed it over the top.

My boy is back! Welcome back Skullomania!

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