Video Game Spectrum is exactly that: covering the entire spectrum of the video game industry. VGS will bring news, reviews, video content and MORE! Whether it’s the games of today or the memories of yesterday, this site will be a love letter to all things in the world of digital entertainment. For timeline purposes, Video Game Spectrum began January 5th, 2017.

3ln9rja4Jeff Duis is the founder of Video Game Spectrum. Jeff began writing about video games in 2010 when he began the Iowa Gamer’s Society, delivering unboxing videos, reviews and news on an old blog before relaunching as The Jeff Of All Games in 2014. This added regular Twitch live streams, an always updated YouTube Channel and a few episodes of a regular podcast.

When Jeff isn’t playing video games, he is an avid pro wrestling fan, a die-hard Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Penguins fan, a proud Kickstarter backer of the rebirth of his favorite show, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and somewhat of a beer snob.

You can find Jeff on Twitter @JeffMcFlyIA, on his Twitch channel Jeff_McFly or on his YouTube Channel.

Justin Smith is a content creator/editor at Video Game Spectrum. Justin has been a life-long gamer and started creating different video game content in 2014. Whether it is writing small reviews for friends and family, participating in gaming charity events or live streaming via Twitch, he always has his head in the video game world. He isn’t afraid to voice his opinion even if it doesn’t go along with everyone else’s. Justin loves to get involved in video game tournaments whether it’s spectating or competing.

When Justin isn’t playing video games, he is a loyal sports fan, rooting for the Boston Red Sox in the MLB, St. Louis Blues in the NHL, Tennessee Titans in the NFL and anything Iowa Hawkeyes in collegiate sports. Justin is a crazy pro wrestling fanatic and supporter of stand-up comedy.

You can find Justin on his Twitch channel at K1D_GL1TCH or on Twitter @LevelUpJustin.